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NFC Smart Ring

NFC Smart Ring

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Product description: The smart ring is a fashionable and wearable electronic product which is able to connect with a smartphone through Near Field Communication (NFC) to complete function performing and data sharing. Designed with high-level water resistance, it can be used without any power supply. Embedded with NFC chip, it can only be connected to a smartphone with NFC function.
Detailed operations: Place the smart ring within the NFC area of a smartphone to perform screen unlocking, app lock unlocking, app quickly launching, name card and URL information sending and reading, etc.
Quickly start the phone application, in advance will need to quickly start the program startup written in the smart ring, when the smart ring touches the phone will automatically find and start the program.
Touch unlocks, hand wear ring touch unlock, screen lock, application lock set (some phones need to ROOT, can use the function).
Lock / unlock the program, select the application you want to lock / unlock, write the smart ring, only the ring touches the phone to start the application, to protect personal privacy.
Touch the sharing / personal memorandum, you can store private content in the ring, you can also share the phone business card, Wi-Fi password, graphic information, etc., can also be used as a private memo to unlock the only way to unlock.
No charge / depth waterproof, built-in ultra-sensitive DNF chip, no electricity to work, easy to wear.


Instructions for use:
1. Only supports Android devices with NFC function
2. Move the position with the NFC logo in the ring (if unsuccessful, try rotating it in a different position) close to the NFC reader, and the NFC tag can be recognized. (Due to the different recognition positions of the device, if the recognition fails, please try to change the recognition area several times)
3. The ring is just an NFC empty tag and does not contain any functions!
4. You need to download the NFC writing function APP in the APP application store and write the desired label content according to the APP operation prompt according to your own needs. (Due to different APPs in different countries, we do not provide APP download)
5. Put the ring close to the NFC identification device to realize the function you wrote through the APP.

Note: The ring must be written to function before it can be used. NFC tags can be written with multiple functions, but only one function can be recognized when used, and multiple functions are not supported at the same time; if a function needs to be replaced, a new function needs to be rewritten, and the previously written function will be automatically 

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